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2020/21 Carnival

Princess Charlotte

By leightoncarnival, Oct 16 2020 07:00PM

Leighton-Linslade Carnival have considered what support they can offer local groups as a result of the limited fundraising achieved associated with the Virtual Carnival in July. As the event was totally on-line, normal fundraising was impossible.

It was agreed to use some reserve monies and donations totalling £1050 was agreed shared between seven groups:

Advanced Theatre Company

Dogs for Good

Leighton-Linslade Concert Band

Rotary “Yes We Can”

Spectrum Arts


Young Minds Trust (by sponsorship of Katharine Smith)

Whilst the total falls far short of what we would normally donate to causes in our community, Carnival is pleased to be able to support a limited number of groups as a result of the 2020 Virtual Carnival fundraising. We are grateful to all those who supported us and the Virtual Carnival.

2020/21 Carnival

Senior Princess



Carnival is a Supporter of Greensand Country

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10th July 2021 sees the 60th Carnival of modern times. The theme of "1962 Revisited" reflects the revival of Carnival in 1962 by the late Peter Lymbery and his Leighton Youth Club team. At this stage we are confident that a Carnival Procession will be possible, meeting whatever Covid rules might still be if force at that time. Decisions on what form an event in Parsons Close Recreation Ground will take will be made nearer the time, when we have a clearer indications on what will be permissible for community events in 2021.

Leighton-Linslade Carnival would like to encourage private individuals to take part in the procession in the cars and vans, suitably decorated. We would especially welcome vehicles of the early 1960s vintage.

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